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Alexandra Deuchars submitted on

Wednesday 7th December 2016



I think it would be a really good idea to start holding some union nights out in the Cube and would be very interested in working with the union to do this. I know in the past the union has had some problems with engagment with students but I believe if these nights were marketed correctly and cheap enough for students, enough support could be created. It would be really cool if we could involve student DJs on the nights so that they could showcase their work as well! 

The Cube is a great space and its a shame that it's not being used as much as it could! This could start out as just a one off event, or could be run a couple times a semester so we could trial it and see student interest is there for a more permenant thing. 


Alex Deuchars


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Students' Union replied on

Monday 19th Dec 2016 1:29pm

Hi Alex (great name by the way ;))

An idea along similar lines to this was recently taken to Operations and Services Advisory Forum and discussed at some length, the minutes from which will be available here once ratified. To give you some sense of what was agreed, The Stag's Head was discussed as a sensible intermediate platform for developing nights out at the Union. I'd encourage you to contact our Entertainments department who are more than happy to receive student ideas and help facilitate any ideas you may have. Their e-mail is entsad@soton.ac.uk

Hope this is helpful

Many thanks

Alex Hovden


  • Forwarded to Union President

    Wednesday 14th Dec 2016 4:07pm


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