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Can we get more campus cats?

Submitted on Friday 9th December 2016

Hello Sarah,

thank you for your question. Although I can fully appreciate the love that some students have for beings of a feline nature, we would not want to make SUSU the cat (our Honorary President) feel like she is not good enough by introducing additional kitties on campus. We also have to mindful of the welfare of our Honorary President at her grand age (unknown) and I believe adding energetic "companions" would be detrimental to the relatively relaxed environment she currently enjoys.

If you are interested in the wellbeing of all beings at the University of Southampton, you may wish to attend our Student Life Zone, with the next meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 15th December at 15:00 in Meeting Room 2, Building 42.

Long live SUSU the cat!

Alex Hovden - Loyal Servant of the Honorary President

Wednesday 14th Dec 2016 4:25pm