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Courtney Canning submitted on

Monday 19th December 2016


It's really hard to join a club in the middle of the year as there is no information about when clubs meet. It would be really helpful if on the website, as well as a little bit about the club and its commitee, you included when and where the club meets so people can join more easily


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Students' Union replied on

Monday 24th Apr 2017 11:54am

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to find out a load of information about all of our Clubs and Societies at, including contact information so you can get in touch with a society directly to find out more! A lot of Clubs and Societies also upload information about their events to the main Union calendar ( so if you're looking for something to do you might be able to find something on there.

If you would like to find out more information that you can't find here, just email :)


Cameron Meldrum
Vice-President Democracy and Creative Industries


  • Forwarded to Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries

    Thursday 22nd Dec 2016 12:36pm


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