Mixed Recycling Bins

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 14th January 2017


Almost all bins on campus are "mixed recycling" bins, and people seem to just put all of their rubbish into them. Are these bins supposed to be only for recyclable materials, and if so where do we put non-recyclable rubbish?



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Evie Reilly submitted on

Friday 20th January 2017


Hey Eliza,

Thanks for your question! The University provide all waste and recycling facilities on all their campuses, and this includes all of the Union's buildings. The University provide an overview of the items that can be disposed of on the waste and recycling section of their website. According to the University's guide, you should put all waste (except food) in to the mixed recycling bins, where it is then sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable at an off-site facility. Handily, the University's Open Data website provides an overview of the locations where you can dispose of general waste, mixed recycling and food waste recycling.

If you are interested in discussing how this can be publicised better, we would love you to come along to the Sustainability Zone. The next meeting will be publicised through the Union's website here.

Many thanks,

Alex Hovden
Union President