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Disabled Students Officer

Hi I've been lookingon your officer pages and you don't appear to have a Disabled Students officer. Why is this and what work is the union doing on behalf of Disabled Students? Thanks

Submitted on Saturday 21st January 2017

Hi Ruth,

thank you very much for your question. We do not have a spefic Disabled Students Officer, however its remit is covered by the Equality & Diversity Officer and the Vice-President Welfare. We do also have disabled student representation on Union Senate, which is the body that has oversight of all political functions of the Union.

As a disabled person myself, I am well aware of the challenges faced by disabled students, particuarly with regards to funding for support and, as a result, myself and David Allwright (Vice-President Welfare) are planning a disability awareness campaign for later in the academic year. If you have any ideas or input you would like to give for that campaign, then please don't hesitate to drop me an email (

Many thanks,

Alex Hovden - Union President

Friday 27th Jan 2017 1:58pm