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Extend the Number of Inter-Library Loans Available to Students at the Hartley Library

I find it appalling that as a Humanities Undergraduate I am restricted to two Inter-Library Loans from the Hartley Library. The catalogue, whilst expansive, does not cover all elements of my courses, chosen essay subjects, or most importantly, my dissertation. Today I was shocked to find that I can only borrow two books over the course of the year through inter-library loan, whereas other faculties, most significantly business undergraduates, can borrow up to five. This is not fair as it disadvantages students from specific disciplines, and at present I am unable to fulfil key research into my niche dissertation subject, as the library does not possess the resources I need nor will allow me to take out even more than two books over the course of the year- one per term! As a student I unable to access the key resources I need, and I am not in the financial position to purchase them either- I ask how the University therefore expects me to produce optimum work, when my efforts are hamstrung by such a petty restriction, where other students in other faculties enjoy a larger allowance. I would not feel this a great injustice if I knew all students are aware of inter-library loan and utilise it frequently, making a lot of work for the library services, however I know as a fact few students are aware of this facility or utilise it at undergraduate level in my faculty. The removal of the restrictions, or a raising of the allowance, is therefore a totally reasonable request. 


As a final update to this YMC, please find attached a statement from the University Library on this matter. I am always happy to continue discussing this at any later point.

As faculties and departments differ in size, staff/student ratios, and library collections/coverage, this is reflected in their ILL budgets and quotas. These also reflect anticipated need across the whole faculty/dept. while recognising varied use by individuals. The intention of these quotas is to reflect access and cost while being careful not to mediate access unnecessarily. We have a guide for numbers of ILL requests per student  The student should discuss their research project with their supervisor/tutor and  academic engagement librarian<>.and  It may be possible to negotiate additional ILL requests if this is appropriate and all sources of information have been advised.

Monday 15th May 2017 11:46am

Hi Louis,

Just to keep you in the loop, I have taken this to the library, and they are going to do some research into the area for me. They believe the differences are caused by how the different faculties spend their ‘library’ budget for the year, whether they are prioritising text books, loans or other services etc. I will give you an update when I next have one.


Elliot Grater

Vice-President Education

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