Status: Complete

Fix the Cash Machine located on the concourse in Building 42

The cash machine in Building 42 has been out of order for over a month now, and it leads to huge queues for the single cash machine outside The Shop.  Due to Union issuing a card charge for any purchase under £5, I always try to pay in cash at Union outlets, however, with the cash machine in the Union having been out of order for so long, I have often forgone spending money in the Union altogether if the cash machine outside the shop is busy or also out of order.  The cash machine outside of The Shop frequently also only vends £20 notes, which is inconvenient when paying for small purchases.  By getting the cash machine in building 42 up and running, the Union can reduce queues on the redbrick and provide people in the Union with a more convenient, and safer, option for withdrawing cash. 


Hey Oliver,

Sorry this has taken so long to sort. The machine in B42 is now fixed and up and running.

Many thanks!

Alex Hovden – Union President

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