University Spending

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 23rd February 2017


Hi, I was wondering if there is a breakdown of the University's spending over recent years, as given the controversial rise in tuition fees it would be interesting to see how these changes has influenced spending proportions, and how much of this is being reinvested into the students (directly and indirectly). 

It woud also be good to see Union Southampton's spending, and the budget this organisation is given from the university (as this reflects spending upon the student body).

If there isn't such a source readily available or easily interpreted I hope one may be provided!

Many thanks for your help :)


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Anonymous submitted on

Friday 31st March 2017


Hi there,

Thank you very much for your enquiry. In regards to your questions, both the University and the Union publish accounts online for the public to browse through.

The Union’s financial accounts going back to 2005 are available at

The University’s financial accounts going back to 2006 are available at

If you need any help with navigating the Union’s figures then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me –

Many thanks

Alex Hovden – Union President