Glen Eyre Halls Holiday Food drive

Cora Dempsey submitted on

Monday 6th March 2017


I have what I believe is an excellent idea! I noticed before the Christmas break that a lot of students including myself had a lot of food left over before they went on holidays for a signifcant number of weeks. Living in Southampton these past few months I have seen a lot of homeless people living around Portswood and the city. I really think it would be good if we could get in touch with local charities for the homeless and set up a food drive just before the Easter break. I understand they may not want perisheable foods but I'm sure they would apprecaite longer lasting food such as tinned food, longlife milk etc. I believe starting in every halls would be good because other wise this food would go to waste! Social media would be a great way to get everyone informed about the food drive. I would really love if you could consider my idea and I would gladly help with the whole running of the food drive. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Ms.Cora Dempsey.


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 16th Mar 2017 10:34am

Hi Cora,

Thanks for your message! It's really great to hear students thinking about the issues in the local community! One of our societies, HOMED, works directly with homeless people in Southampton and would be the best people to talk to about a food drive. 
As a Union we have worked on a few projects with the Society of St James, which again works with homeless people in Southampton, and they have some information about donating non-perishible food here: 
I hope that helps?


Dan Varley
Vice-President Engagement



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    Friday 10th Mar 2017 1:34pm


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