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British Sugar in the Shop

While the Union does a brilliant job at procuring Fairtrade products to sell in the shop it has come to my attention that the choice in sugar is either fairtrade cane sugar or non fairtrade Cane Sugar. It seems like such a shame considering that British Beet Sugar has a much lower environmental impact than its imported counterparts in Cane Sugar. 

Submitted on Thursday 9th March 2017



I come bearing an update from our Union Services team. They have spoken to our suppliers, and unfortunately British beet sugar is much more expensive to source, therefore resulting in a higher price for students should we choose to stock it. That means that at the moment, it would not be to the benefit of students for us to stock it. It's definitely something we will bear in mind, however, as it may be that prices in the future make sourcing British sugar more affordable.


Flora Noble, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President

Tuesday 20th Jun 2017 3:40pm


Thanks for your question!

We are now in touch with our suppliers to get more information about the environmental impact of beet sugar as opposed to cane sugar. Once a comparison has been made, we'll update on whether stock will be changed.

Flora, Vice-President Student Communities and Deputy President

Friday 28th Apr 2017 10:30am



I have taken this matter to our Union Services team and will update you with their feedback when I have it! 

Friday 7th Apr 2017 6:09pm


  • Forwarded to Vice President Welfare
    Friday 10th Mar 2017 1:40pm


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