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Provide Union groups' travel expenses separately from their budgets

It would be nice if members of union groups travelling somewhere to represent their group or the uni on behalf of the group were able to claim back travel expenses separately from their group's budget. For example, Surge Radio went to Abbey Road studios recently to broadcast there for a day but we had to travel there on our own dime from various places around the UK as our budget wasn't big enough to reimburse everyone. We were representing the uni and the union and we're already volunteering, plus reimbursable travel might encourage more people to get involved with events.

Submitted on Tuesday 25th April 2017


Hi there, Thank you for taking the time to submit an idea to the AGM. During voting your idea received 0 net votes from your fellow students. However, the idea will still be taken forward next year to be researched by the appropriate zone and made into an Action Plan. If you would like any details about the Action Plan process or what happens after the AGM, please contact democracy@unionsouthampton.org. Kind regards, Democracy Team

Thursday 1st Jun 2017 3:44pm

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