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use their influence to create ladies' only facilities in the gym

Many female students at the University, due to personal reasons or religious beliefs would like to participate in sports but need private ladies' only facilities. Thhe university would benefit from:

-Ladies' only swimming session supervised by female lifeguards

-Ladies' hours at the gym during evenings/weekends

-Fitness classes 

This might be difficult to arrange but it'd be an idea for the university to liase with S/Solent University as they offer some services for ladies. Allso like the connection the university has with the Quays offering ladies' swimming but the problem has been that female lifeguards cannot be guaranteed.


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Thank you for taking the time to submit an idea to the AGM. During voting your idea received 34 net votes from your fellow students and as such, it will be taken forward next year by the appropriate zone and made into an Action Plan.

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