SU.Representation or SUSU.Representation?

Anonymous submitted on

Monday 8th May 2017


In the video intorducing the potential new "variants" of the logo, it's not particularly clear to me how the sub-brands in "Option" B would look. The video shows an example of a sister brand of SUSU.WSA, while sub-brands are depicted as simply .Places, .Support, .Opportunities, etc. Moments later, the "in practice" section of the same video depicts a poster with a sub-brand of SU.Support.

Could you please clarify what the intended presentation of sub-brands would be in this option? Is the distinction between SUSU.WSA and SU.Support intentional? If it's merely an error, could you please clarify which of these formats would be used in actual future posters?



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Emily Dawes submitted on

Thursday 11th May 2017


Hi there,

Thanks very much for your question.

I can confirm the following:

SUSU.WSASUSU.USSA would be sister brands. This is the branding that we would use on all of the Winchester School of Art materials, and University of Southampton Student Association materials respectively. 

.Support, .Representation, .Places, .Opportunities --> These are all "sub brands". This means that these are all areas of the Union's work.

In option 1, obviously the sign off becomes elevated in each of these examples.

The SU.Support is just a tiny mistake from when we were trying out the various concepts.

I hope this helps clarify things

Many thanks

Alex Hovden - Union President.