Help humanities PGR students get desks

Danielle Newman submitted on

Tuesday 1st August 2017


Humanities PGR Students are currently hot desking. The lack of consistency causes stress and wastes time daily. Humanities PGR students are being isolated and denied the opportunity to form close working relationships within their faculties. I'm not asking that every student get a desk (some work from home, some are away students) but surely each discipline could have a PGR office that they could assign space in? Or some way of at least signing up for desk space on a weekly basis so we know where we can work and settle in for a few days? 


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 18th Aug 2017 1:35pm

Hi Danielle, 

This has been made into an Action Plan for us to complete, so I am going to close this issue on You Make Change.

Thanks for your help to make change.


VP Student Communities

Students' Union replied on

Friday 4th Aug 2017 1:25pm

Hey Danielle,

Thanks for your submission! We are aware of this issue and currently the VP Education, PGR Officer and I are setting up a meeting with the Graduate School Director so that we can get it sorted.

If you have anything further feel free to make another YMC or email me at

Kind regards,


VP Student Communities


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    Friday 4th Aug 2017 1:05pm


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