Lobby for greater parity in the provision of resouces accross departments.

Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 1st August 2017


The provision of resources for Humanities PhD students is inadequate. There aren't enough desks, leading to enforced hot-desking, or enough money to enable us to go to conferences. Yet other faculties offer their students plenty of travel funds, and fixed desks. Although Avenue has limited space, the university could easily improve desk provision - e.g. moving the Confucius Institute back to Highfield. As it is, as a Humanities PhD, I feel incredibly undervalued. Since the university is investing a lot of money in becoming 'simply better', they should use some of this to make the Humanities 'simply better' too.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 18th Aug 2017 1:35pm

Hi Anonymous, 

This has been made into an Action Plan for us to complete, so I am going to close this issue on You Make Change.

Thanks for your help to make change.


VP Student Communities

Students' Union replied on

Friday 4th Aug 2017 1:28pm

Dear Anonymous,


Thanks for your submission! We are aware of the issue of desks and currently the VP Education, PGR Officer and I are setting up a meeting with the Graduate School Director so that we can get it sorted.

With the other points you highlighted - we will bring them up in that meeting.

If you have anything further feel free to make another YMC or email me at vpcommunities@susu.org.

Kind regards,



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    Friday 4th Aug 2017 1:05pm


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