Welcome party

Weronika Razmus submitted on

Tuesday 29th August 2017


Hi, I'm moving into Chamberlain hall and there has been a bit of confusion as to which welcome we are supposed to go to. On the website it says that its welcome party 2 however someone said it was changed to 1 


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Friday 15th September 2017


Hi Weronika, 

Thanks for getting in touch - we can't wait to welcome you in the next few weeks! Chamberlain is divided into a few different locations for the Welcome Parties, so check out the list below for a breakdown:

Chamberlain (South Hill): Welcome Party #1 (23/09/17)
Chamberlain (New Chamberlain): Welcome Party #1 (23/09/17)
Chamberlain (Hartley Grove): Welcome Party #2 (24/09/17)

I hope that helps - have a chat to our VP Engagement Dan Varley (vpengage@susu.org) if you have any more questions!

All the best, 

Samuel Dedman (VP Education, vpeducation@susu.org)