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Bunfight date?

Hi I was just wondering on which date is the Bunfight going to take place and where? I looked at a few sites and they all suggested different dates like the 24th/26th/27th of September so I'm a bit confused

Submitted on Wednesday 20th September 2017

Hi there,

The Bunfight (our Clubs and Societies Fayre) is on Wednesday the 27th of September. There might have been some confusion around all the Fayres we are having that week.

Monday 25th is our Union Fayre, where everything the Union does is on display. We have our Fundraising and Volunteering Fayre is on Tuesday 26th and then our final one is the Freshers' Fayre (with external companies) is on the Friday of that week, the 29th.

For a full list of our events, head over to


Dan Varley - Vice-President Engagement

Friday 22nd Sep 2017 1:18pm