remove ‘Study Free Zone’ from the Bridge

Isabella Norris submitted on

Tuesday 26th September 2017


Many students use the Bridge as a relaxing area to study which is less quiet than the library and provides nice food and drink. 

It’s understandable to restrict laptops and study during peak meal times but as a part of the students union, blanket banning study isn’t catering to students needs. The alternative areas provided are inadequate to make up for the loss of a comfortable and relaxed study area. It feels like student satisfaction is being sacrificed for profit.

I’d also like to point out that your website still advertises the bridge as a destination for ‘a study session’. 


Here, you can view the complete set of official responses from the sabbatical officers regarding this submission.

Students' Union replied on

Wednesday 18th Oct 2017 11:38am

Hi Isabella,

Having considered how many students have expressed feelings on this, from 01 November, we will be moving to a laptop-free zone in the Bridge between 11:00 and 14:00. We really really appreciate all the feedback - thank you for letting us know about this!


Flora, Union President

Students' Union replied on

Friday 6th Oct 2017 12:21pm

Hi Isabella,

We recognise the weight of student feeling on this, and will take the decision to our Sabb/Senior Leadership Team meeting on Monday morning for further discussion. I'll bring back an update after that meeting!


Flora, Union President


  • Forwarded to Union President

    Friday 29th Sep 2017 1:05pm


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James Marshall commented on

Friday 6th Oct 2017 4:08pm

I wish I'd found this thread before going into the Bridge a few days ago with my Laptop, then getting kicked out! All I can really do is ape what Isabella wrote in her justification above, only to add that banning them during times when the Bridge is at barely half-capacity (such as 4:30pm when I went) achieves absolutely nothing. Also, what about phones, tablets and even notepads? Students will likely still gather in groups in the Bridge, finding other methods to study. The Bridge is a wonderfully relaxing place to visit, with soft, warm lighting and deep colours that make it arguably the best place on campus to either study, or take a break from it, often with a laptop. I especially don't get the ban if a laptop user has already bought a drink or food from the counter; they'd be at that place anyway regardless of their laptop.

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