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Mature students and student parents


out of interest - what have you organised for Freshers for mature students and student parents, because I cannot see anything in your schedule? You have been advertising 'having ideas and plans', but again it seems there's nothing aimed at this group.

Submitted on Thursday 28th September 2017

Hi Anonymous!

A full list of our events is here: With mature students and student parents I'd highlight the Creative Chill Out sessions, Gin Festival, anything by Union Films, and the Quiz and Curry! We are very much trying to offer a wider range of events and things to do that cater to all students rather than specific events for specific groups, but if you have any ideas of suggestions for mature students and student parents, I'd love to hear them - please email, and follow us on twitter @matsocsoton.

Keep sending your feedback and ideas in!

Kind regards,

Arun Aggarwal

VP Student Communities

Friday 6th Oct 2017 11:41am