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What was the rationale behind the changes to Bar 3 this year?

Furthermore what are the financial effects this move is expected to have?

Submitted on Monday 2nd October 2017


Thanks for your question. The changes to Bar 3 were made over the summer as a result of a paper that went to Trustee Board at the end of the last academic year about how we could make the Union more financially sustainable, in light of a cut made to our block grant by the University. One area that was recognised to have a far greater potential to contribute more to the Union was catering, and as a result, we had to look at areas that weren't working as well as they once had. The Bar 3 Diner was one of those areas - we first opened it at a time when there were limited lectures in the Cube, so Bar 3 was a perfect place for a sit-down meal. However, Since the University has put more and more lectures in the Cube (now 9-4, 4 days a week), the movement of people at the beginning and the end of lectures means that sitting down for a meal was a far less pleasant experience, and we also had a captive audience for things like takeaway coffee. Therefore, we converted Bar 3 into an American style coffee shop, doing great quality coffee, cakes, and (most importantly) waffles! 

I hope this offers some clarity!


Flora, Union President

Wednesday 18th Oct 2017 12:02pm