Darren Richardson submitted on

Thursday 8th October 2015


There are reports from lecturers in a number of faculties of students being required to sit in the aisles and on the stairs of lecture theatres because lectures have been timetabled in theatres where there aren't enough seats. From a student experience point of view, this is clearly unacceptable, but in addition this poses a concerning health and safety risk.

Does the Union have any numbers on how many students are affected by this timetabling problem? Additionally, have we had any assurances from the University and plans from them regarding how they intend to resolve these issues with the urgency they deserve?


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Thursday 8th October 2015


Thanks for getting in touch. Currently, the Union does not have specific numbers on the number of students affected by these issues. Like you, I think it is vital that all students are accommodated appropriately during their lectures and I am working with the University to ensure that these timetabling problems are sorted out as quickly as possible. I have spoken to the Timetabling team at the University and they have told me that the process for sorting out these timetabling issues is to report it to the Module Coordinator who should refer the information to the Timetabling team.

Please make sure that if you are experiencing issues like this that you report it to your course rep (if they have been elected) or to your Academic President to inform the Module Coordinator of the problems. It’s vital that they are aware of the issues so that this can be sorted out as quickly as possible.



VP Education 

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