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SUSU menu changes

Dear sir/madam, 

I write to you to inform you of recent changes to the breakfast menu in SUSU café. My primary concern is that there is now no choice of regional sausage...Cumberland or licolnshire. 

I know this may seem an odd email but I write this seriously in the hope that changes are made. 

Kind regards, 


Submitted on Monday 2nd October 2017


Hi George,

Thanks for your idea. We decided to stop stocking the Lincolnshire sausages as we wouldn't be able to offer them at 50p per item as we now do with the rest of our breakfast items, and as of yet, we haven't seen enough of a student demand to take the hit that would come from offering them at 50p!


Flora, Union President

Wednesday 18th Oct 2017 12:34pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 6th Oct 2017 1:08pm


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  • I'd pay more for a decent sausage.

    Submitted on Friday 27th October 2017 22:12 by Max Hayman