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provide more help for student parents

I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old so I need to express whilst on campus. Its difficult to find somewhere private I can go, I shouldnt be relegated to a toilet, it is unsanitary and demeaning. I have spoken to faculty regarding the matter and all I have been told is that they will make enquiries. If I was a member of faculty everyone would have been falling over themselves to find an appropriate room for fear of being accused of discrimination.

Student parents, in particular breastfeeding mothers, have been completely overlooked by everyone at the university. 

Submitted on Wednesday 4th October 2017


Dear Lauren,

Thanks for your You Make Change submission, I agree that more has to be done to accommodate student parents in this way. This issue was brought up a few years ago, but things seemed to come to a halt. I am very interested in opening this point up again, and have found some avenues which I’d love to discuss with you if you’re free? I will send you an email to discuss, but know that we are looking in to this.

If you, or anyone else has any more ideas/questions they’d like to raise, I am more than happy to answer them.

Kind regards,

Arun Aggarwal

Vice President of Student Communities


Friday 13th Oct 2017 2:21pm


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    Friday 6th Oct 2017 1:11pm


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