mature students society

Deborah Winchester submitted on

Thursday 19th October 2017


is this actually still up and running? either im being incredibly dim or blind.. as i cant see any activity since 2015.  There have been no freshers events? or contact? about activities, plans etc.  I understand that a lot of mature students are post grad etc, but there are plenty of us first years who would have appreciated a trip out for freshers that didnt involved getting drunk, vomitting on doorsteps and coming home plastered in neon paint..maybe...

Would appreciate some feedback.

Debbie x


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Emily Harrison submitted on

Friday 27th October 2017


Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your YMC submission - so we've spoken by email, but to reiterate for everyone else, the Union now has a Mature Student and Student Parent Network in lieu of a society, to support these students and provide opportunities for them. It's been active, not in the sense of a soceity and not using those channels on social media until very recently when I managed to get access to them. We have an email addresss: (which people can email for queries), and are trying to organise a meet and mingle event so that mature students and student parents can feedback and tell us what they'd like to see done, so watch this space!

Kind regards,

Arun Aggarwal

Vice President Student Communities