Glen Eyre Halls

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 26th October 2017


Emails sent asking if you want to be present for various things, some of which like fan testing and cleaning could be carried out when halls are empty.  Also the person who caem to do the checks would rather do them both at the smae time when the halls are empty.  Their request falls on deaf ears.  You respond promptly, they don't.  Have to go chase up in reception.  Also an appointment has been made, and ok not everything runs to time, but being over 30 minutes late and no commication at all.  My issue is that the communication seems to work one way us to them.  If we did that they'd kick up such a fuss.  I'm already tired of it.  Make communctaion EQUAL in BOTH DIRECTIONS.


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Fleur Walsh submitted on

Friday 3rd November 2017


Hey there,

I took this issue to a meeting I have with Residences and Student Life and they were keen to have a bit more information about the issues you've been having. If so, could you please email and they will get back to you.


Dan Varley - Vice-President Engagement