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Why do Connaught Computer rooms close at 11PM?

Barely anyone even uses the computer rooms, there are maybe 3-5 people (If that!) who are regulars.

Given that there are very regular patrols anyway, why not leave the connaught computer rooms open and maybe even also install a CCTV camera in there alongside all the security measures that are already in place there.

I stay at Wessex Lane and I do not own a PC, nor a Laptop and have a lot of Coding related Courseworks to do (ECS Dept).

I tend to work best in the evenings and I do not want to have to cautiously walk all the way back to wessex lane from Hartley Library everyday at 1:30 am because they won't keep the Connaught computer room open.

I could call or text the 24H Wessex lane Security Desk as soon as I am done if need be.

Submitted on Wednesday 8th November 2017


I've spoken to a member of Residences Staff who gave this response:

"I am happy for the computer room to stay open 24hrs, I think this is an old rule that has been missed by management. I will pass on to security to leave it open from today. This would only change if there were to be unacceptable behaviour in there i.e. drinking/damage as this is exclusively study area."

Hope that is what you wanted!


Dan Varley - Vice-President Engagement

Wednesday 15th Nov 2017 1:56pm