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Add more mirrors to the gym (weights area)

Mirrors are important for a good position when lifting weights, and in the first floor (upstairs) there are no mirrors at all nor benchs that can be very useful.

Submitted on Saturday 9th December 2017


Hi Maria,

As a follow up to your suggestion I have had this response from Sport and Wellbeing: 


"After our conversation the other day, unfortunately we cant have the mirrors up on the same wall as the rig on the mezzanine level due to the constant problem of people hitting the wall with feet/equipment etc. I understand it would be useful but would end up being a large safety concern im afraid.

In terms of mirrors in general, im currently in contact with estates about getting the entire wall behind the squat rack mirrored as well as next to the reception windows. I have a meeting booked with them week after next (im at mayflower next week so cant do it then) to discuss how it would be done and also have quotes for the order of the mirrors."


I hope this has helped to resolve the issue.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

Friday 20th Apr 2018 10:07am

Hi María,

Thank you for your suggestion.

The reason Sport and Wellbeing don't have mirrors on the mezzanine area is because they intend this space to be used primarily for floor work rather than free weights, and they are also concerned that if there are benches available upstairs it might encourage students to carry equipment up the stairs. I have asked about getting mirrors installed up there however and they are assessing what mirrors are available in all areas of the gym since there was a recent move around and the free weight area is now lacking. The manager I spoke to was behind the idea of installing mirrors along the wall with the pull up rack on the mezzanine so hopefully this will happen soon. He has copied into an email chain with the gym supervisor to talk about where S&W install their new mirrors so I will ensure this is a priority.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

Friday 6th Apr 2018 12:20pm


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    Friday 15th Dec 2017 1:09pm


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