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More storage for sports kit

There is a lack of storage available for sports such as Ladies Cricket who have large amounts of team kit that is required for all training sessions and games.  This has to be stored off site making it difficult to use when needed. This was promised but no sign of change has yet to be seen.  I do not believe that this would cost much to implement considering the cost of sports and wellbeing membership this year. 

Submitted on Sunday 10th December 2017


Hi Anon, Thank you for your suggestion.

I apologise that this hasn't been addressed earlier in the year but I've been incredibly busy with business as usual projects. I've taken the down time during the Easter break to start addressing this project and I have a meeting with the relevant managers of Sport and Wellbeing booked in on the week commencing 16th April to discuss how S&W and SUSU use the lock up in the Team Southampton Sports Hall specifically. I have allocated a significant portion of the AU development budget to this project so you should expect to see some positive changes happening soon. I will keep Louise Speake (Ladies Cricket Club Captain) up to date with any plans or work going on in this area moving forward as well.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sports

Friday 6th Apr 2018 12:36pm


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    Friday 15th Dec 2017 1:11pm


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