Where can i find cats in campus?

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 5th January 2018


I really need to seek comfort from petting a cat. Where can i find one in the campus? Can i suggest for a cat cafe opening in campus? That would be lovely as studies shows petting a cat could release stress :(


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Isabella Camilleri submitted on

Thursday 25th January 2018


Hi, thank you for your question. 

I empathise with you, as I'd quite like to have a cuddle with a cat now and then (I do miss SUSU). There is a little black and white cat who has been wandering around, but he's a bit shy and doesn't like lots of students fussing over him at once :( 

I don't think we could feasibly open a cat cafe unfortunately. However, there is a cat cafe in Bournemouth which isn't too far away - https://pausecatcafe.co.uk/

I hope this helps ????

Kind regards, 

Sam Higman - Vice President Welfare