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please ask the catering facilities student services to offer almond milk

Please can we have almond milk as I cannot have cows milk or soya milk.

Submitted on Thursday 11th January 2018


Hi Mariam, I raised this with University catering at the Student Forum and unfortunately it's not something that they're planning on doing in the near future. I will leave the issue in my handover so it can contimue to be raised, but I hope the almond milk in Union coffee outlets has made things a bit easier for you!


Flora, Union President

Thursday 17th May 2018 3:40pm

Hi Mariam,

I've just spoken to our Bars team, and they'll be getting in almond milk as well as soya milk as the dairy-free option! It might take me a little longer to get a result from the University though, so bear with.

Flora, Union President

Wednesday 14th Feb 2018 12:38pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 12th Jan 2018 1:26pm


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