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Eye health in Hartley library

There is not enough light in the library. Lighting should be improved because there are a lot of study spaces where it's to dark for reading.

Submitted on Saturday 13th January 2018


Hello again!

I have an update from the Library: 

"We are aware that we have lighting problems in the Library and when we have undergone any refurbishment we undertake to improve the lighting.  However we will raise this with Estates again and  investigate an audit of lighting levels and if there are any short term solutions."

I'd also recommend that you let the Library staff know where there are problems with lighting, either at the front desk or on

Since your submission has now been answered to the best that is possible I'm going to close this You Make Change, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions. 

All the best, and thanks again!

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017/18 -

Tuesday 6th Feb 2018 3:37pm


Thanks for getting in touch - this is a really good point, and I'm keen to see what the Library and/or Estates & Facilities have to say about this. 

I'll send it over to them, and will be back as soon as I have a response. Don't forget that this You Make Change is now live on the Union website, so be sure to share the link around to get as many students involved as possible! 

If you have any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to get in touch with me on 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education, 2017/18)

Friday 19th Jan 2018 1:55pm


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    Friday 19th Jan 2018 1:05pm


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