make societies more accessable to students who are not on social media.

Anonymous submitted on

Sunday 21st January 2018


It's been difficult for me to join any societies as meetings and events are usually organised and advertised on their Facebook pages. I don't believe its fair that students who are not on social media for reasons which could be as broad as disinterest, to personal beliefs or safety should be left out of social activites organised on campus. It would be helpful if societies had a more formal and SUSU affiliated forum to post event details. 


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Students' Union replied on

Thursday 17th May 2018 10:29am

Hi again, 

As you may be aware we're looking closely now at how we support and facilitate societies, from AGMs to online memberships. This is very much a consideration for us as we aim to ensure all societies are as asscesible as possible, and I'm aware increasingly more students are less involved with certain social media platforms. Your feedback has been really valuable in this process, and we will work with societies to ensure that all their website details are up to date, and are potentially looking at increasing the functionality of society pages. 

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)

Students' Union replied on

Friday 13th Apr 2018 9:53am

Thank you for your idea, we're looking at lots of different ways we can streamline societies, for students and the societies themselves, including looking at how they are displayed on the website. We can certainly look into ways of ensuring there is more up to date society information and more 'live updates' on their Union website pages. You're absolutely right that we should be supporting societies to be as inclusive as possible, including the platforms they use!

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)


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    Friday 26th Jan 2018 1:06pm


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