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introduce a day trip programme so students can explore more

Many universities operate day trip style events calendars, both to nearby and far off places via their Student Unions. This is great for students who may have no one to travel with, or want a safe and reliable way of getting out and about via train or coach to see the nearby towns, places of interest, or slightly further afield such as Scotland. It would be great if Southampton could introduce this, as there are only so many times you can do a lap around the Common before going stir crazy!

Submitted on Tuesday 30th January 2018


Hi! Just to round this one off, we will be considering doing day trips to places like Winchester and the New Forest this coming September, and are always keen to hear if there's anywhere in particular a group of students would like to go - email!

Flora, Union President

Thursday 17th May 2018 3:45pm


Thanks for your idea! As part of my sabb plan this year, I'm looking into establishing a programme called 'Give It A Go', something that exists at a lot of Students' Unions around the country. In some of them, trips are part of the programme, so it's definitely something we're looking into. I'll share this You Make Change, as I'd like to know if this would be of interest to any other students.


Flora, Union President

Friday 23rd Feb 2018 12:37pm


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    Friday 2nd Feb 2018 1:07pm


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