UCU Strikes

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 9th February 2018


After reading your press release on the UCU strikes, I am asking whether SUSU are doing anything to protect the students who will be affected by this action? I agree that we should stand by our lecturers, however if the industrial action does take place over the whole 4 weeks, are all students still going to be expected to complete assignments and exams on the whole course?

As the student representative body, I feel you should be ensuring that our studies suffer as little disruption as possible; and ensure that there is a structure in place if the action is undertaken. 


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Wednesday 14th February 2018


Hello again!

I'm back with a bit of an update on your question. We met with the local UCU branch earlier this week, and among a number of other topics we discussed how we could both support students over this period. While there will be picket lines around the University UCU is currently working with its members to devise some creative forms of industrial action, and will be communicating plans once they are a bit more certain. The University has emailed out to all students reinforcing their commitment to students during this time, with provision being made for content being missed in modules and assignment deadlines. I've also spoken with staff from the Library earlier today and they have confirmed that the Hartley building will be open as normal during strike days, and will let students know if there are any changes to other services. Hopefully Universities UK will resume negotiations before then, but hopefully this puts your mind at ease a bit!  

I'm going to close this You Make Change submission for now, but if more information comes up then I'll open it again and add it here. If you do have any questions (or ideas!) then  don't hesitate to send them over to representation@susu.org.  

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017/18)