Could the online system for booking Fitness Classes be improved?

Iris Kramer submitted on

Friday 9th February 2018


The overall website is very dated, has terrible user experience, lots of unnecessary links and many dead ends. 

- Booking system would be more intuitive if, on the homepage, you're prompted to limit your search to fitness classes, society bookings, renting sportshall etc. (using different tabs or something)

- When using the search tool there are a lot of Activity Types which are not in use and clutter you possible choices + Activity Types choices are not intuitive...

- From the information stated on 'Activity' is not always clear which day it is... Basic system with a calendar is much clearer (for example

- When choosing a class to book, you'll first have to select it, make a booking, and possibly get a message saying it's booked out. This could be simplified by just having the number of spaces referenced before the booking so you don't have to continue... 

- When you've made a booking you can't go back to your latest search. So, in case you want to book another class you'll have to go through the whole 10 click process again....


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Steve Gore submitted on

Wednesday 30th May 2018


Hi Irs, Thanks for getting in touch.

I have spoken to Sport and Wellbeing regarding your suggestion and they have replied with this: "The current system that we have for online booking is called connect. We are on a version of it that corresponds to our version of Gladstone which is our membership management system. Without upgrading the current membership system we are not able to update the online portal that we have for bookings. The only content we can change is the what the activities are and times etc. The actual website structure is the package that we have bought and is not in our scope to change."

Sport and Wellbeing are looking to upgrade their membership system but there have been setbacks with the tender process so they think that they won't be able to upgrade this academic year. I appreciate that this doesn't help right now, but they have received your feedback and are acutely aware of the shortcomings of the booking system so will look to fix it asap.

Best wishes,

Steve Gore, VP Sport