Why do activities get moved at last minute so often?

Craig Dolder submitted on

Friday 9th February 2018


Lots of societies have regular practices and lessons, but SUSU cancels or moves them last minute. Specific examples are the fencing society and the salsa society. Why are their reservations cancelled and why can't they be given greater notice?


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Thursday 17th May 2018


Hi Craig,

Firstly, I'd like to apologies that you have experienced this. I know it's been a real issue this year and myself and the CI Coordinator are talking to events on how we ensure that this is less of a regular occurence, and that there is at least a minimum expected notice period, and that we support with finding alternate venues as much as possible. I understand most of the issues surround the use of the Cube, as the biggest multipurpose space held by the Union and the base of Union Films and we definitely need to look at this and the messaging surrounding it. I know some of these issues have been caused by certain spaces being taken out of block bookings, and I'm looking at ensuring more spaces are made available again for next year. We absolutely should be prioritising space and time to our clubs and societies. If you have any other questions or concerns on this issue, please let me know at vpdci@susu.org

Many thanks, 

Evie (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)