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change Piazza's policy (they tell students who haven't made any purchases at Piazza to leave)

On 2 separate occasions, I was kicked out of Piazza by their staff/manager because I was sitting there and had not made any purchases at Piazza. Many other students sitting at adjacent tables were asked to leave as well for the same reason. This also happened to another friend of mine.

Submitted on Tuesday 13th February 2018


Hi Francine,

Thank you for being so patient with our response. According to the university, this is only in the case of tables being clogged up during busy times. They were made aware some time ago that, on occasion, staff were being a little over zealous in their approach, but this was stopped. Hopefully it doesn't happen anymore!

Emily, Union President 


Thursday 16th Aug 2018 1:59pm

Hi Francine,

I'm aware that this has been a long-running policy in Piazza, and completely understand your frustration with it! I will get in touch with the University with the intention of getting this changed!

Flora, Union President

Thursday 22nd Feb 2018 4:36pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 16th Feb 2018 1:20pm


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  • I agree with the original post. 


    I think it is unacceptable that we have to be kicked out of a common area to eat our food. Many of us are not in catering residences and do our best to keep our costs down by making our own food. Therefore kiciking us out is wrong on four levels

    1. It divides those who are in catering residences from those who are not, splitting friends who eat together

    2. It divides students who can and cannot afford to eat on campus everyday

    3. There are fewer spaces that allow students who bring their own lunch a place to sit in doors from the cold

    4. It sets a precedent that all places will not have space for students to eat their own lunch as building 38 could easily follow suit.

         Building 40 is a student building and the centre of availability for students. Not allowing them access to the Piazza because they have brought their own food is against what the resources of building 40 stands for. It is where the microwaves are and if we cant eat there, where are we supposed to eat. There are only 3 proper tables opposite the ticket office that are available to eat lunch. downstairs is still available thanks to the waffle house allowing any student to sit there however there are not many tables available and these areas are often full, thus we sat in the piazza

    Setting students out just because they have brought their own food is segregating the students and reducing resources that students have available to them, forcing students to eat outside or pay more for food they cannot afford. 

    Submitted on Sunday 18th February 2018 14:13 by Nicholas Atkins