Status: Complete

Replace the MPS Floor

Please stop all the 400+ dancers getting splinters and blood blisters and replace the MPS floor!

Submitted on Thursday 15th February 2018


Hey Kallie, 

We're absolutely looking at this issue and I hope to ensure the floor is sorted over the summer break to be as least disruptive as possible. I'm sorry that it's been an issue for so long for you guys. 



Thursday 17th May 2018 10:32am


  • Forwarded to Creative Industries
    Friday 16th Feb 2018 1:27pm


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  • As someone who was active in dancing, the floor is not the best for dancing. It will be important to consult with all societies who are regularly using the MPS to find what their needs are.

    Submitted on Monday 19th February 2018 02:14 by Alexander Petrov