UCU strikes - refund for students for lessons missed?

Anonymous submitted on

Saturday 17th February 2018


Many of us have been wondering whether we will be refunded for the lessons missed due to the strikes. We have been made aware that adult students on Lifelong Learning evening courses that have had to be cancelled on strike days are being refunded for the missed classes - why isn't the same happening for us? We have also been told that there is a template somewhere for if we wish to email about this problem - if you could please direct us to this, that would be wonderful!


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Wednesday 16th May 2018



Apologies that it has taken a while to reply to this - we've been waiting for a definite answer to emerge about this. The Students' Union as a whole has been working hard on the compensation question following feedback from our members (including yourself), and were engaged in some positive conversations with the University. However these have now been put on hold while a number of class action lawsuits have been started - more details about these can be found here and here. 

This could be quite a drawn-out legal process, but we are going to have to wait for it to be resolved until we can do anything about compensation. 

I'm going to mark this You Make Change as closed for now, but with the intention of re-opening it as soon as we have more information. I'm also aware that the legal firm(s) organising the class action lawsuit have an information session taking place soon, so if you want to find out more I'd attend those if I were you.

Apologies for the lack of more information, but hopefully we'll be back in the future with something more definite.

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017/18 - vpeducation@susu.org)