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Monday 19th February 2018


As it stands the union is very good at reaching out to the 'fringe' or minority demographics, but is doing a poor job at engaging the core student demographic. I feel this is due to a lack of open forum in which students can discuss ideas for change with sabbatical officers on a regular basis. If the union were to introduce a well-publicised discussion forum on a monthly basis in which students can openly discuss their concerns / issues / suggestions the current disillusionment with the union could be tackled.


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Students' Union replied on

Friday 13th Apr 2018 11:26am

Thank you for your suggestion!

We've been working towards this with our 'Making Change Summits', using these as an opportunity to get student consultation and feedback on a range of issues, and a chance for students to chat to the sabbatical team about these and anything else they wish to raise. You can find details of our upcoming summit here:

I'm very keen that as we look at how Senate works as well, we look to how we as a team can more regularly engage with and update students, and this is definitely something I'd be keen to look at with the new team going forward for next year. The more positive engagement we get with events such as the making change summits, the more events like these we'll be able to put on so please do come along!

Many Thanks, and if you have any more questions or comments on this please do email me at!

- Evie (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)


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    Friday 23rd Feb 2018 1:08pm


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