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Encourage the University to lower Laundry costs in halls

Although Southampton's halls are great, laundry costs at halls have now reached an even higher price; an 'eco' wash costing around £2.70, a 'Superwash'  around £3.20 and a 'Superwash Plus' around £3.70. For a student to wash two loads per week on the middle cycle and use one dryer at around £1.20, it costs around £7.60. This is over £30 per month. On top of this is the cost of soap and fabric conditioner. 

It seems unfair for the University to charge so much for laundry on top of the already expensive rent. 

Submitted on Tuesday 20th February 2018


Hi there; thank you for your idea submission. I have received a response from the Residences Deputy Manager:

"The prices of laundry facilities are set by Circuit Laundry, the suppliers of our machines across all of our Halls of Residences. The new prices have been in place since September 2017 – Circuit’s practice is to review prices during the summer rather than mid-way through the academic year. The cost of our washes are competitive when compared with other Universities in Hampshire – washes at some universities in Hampshire are around £3.00 for an ‘eco’ wash, and £1.70 for the dryer.
When looking at the cost of local launderettes, which can charge up to £5 for a wash and £3 for a dry, the cost of washing your clothes in Halls is the most cost effective.
In the near future, we are hoping to host a Circuit focus group at which a representative of Circuit will be present. Students will be emailed to invite them both to suggest questions they’d ask if present, and also to apply to be involved in the group. Dates of this will be communicated in due course."

I hope this helps.

Kind regards, 

Sam Higman - Vice President Welfare (

Thursday 26th Apr 2018 4:57pm


  • Forwarded to Student Life
    Friday 23rd Feb 2018 1:10pm


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  • Two loads of washing per week seems excessive.

    Submitted on Monday 26th February 2018 17:28 by Corin Holloway