Anonymous submitted on

Tuesday 20th February 2018



I heard there would be some strikes in the upcoming weeks. I take Business and Management which I believe was one of the courses that would go on strike. When are the strikes? Additionally, are the still lectures/classes during the strike period?


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Isabella Camilleri submitted on

Wednesday 28th February 2018


Hi, thank you for your question.

For information regarding the strikes, Vice President Education Samuel Dedman has provided a comprehensive document to help answer your queries: This document contains information on the dates of the strikes, and more.

For further information and useful links, do check out this blog post regarding the strikes: This blog post also contains information regarding some "Teach Outs".

For specific classes, your Student Office should be in touch about any cancellations or changes to the timeline of the course. 

If you feel like you need further advice or support, please do contact the SUSU Advice Centre:

I hope this helps.

Kind regards, 

Sam Higman - Vice President Welfare