Why is union spending for free food during elections after budget cuts?

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 1st March 2018


hi, we all know the union budget took a hit and there have been instances of tight or no budget for certain events and campaigns. The reason given for this is budget cuts. Then why is the union spending so much for free hot chocolates , etc for people who have voted? There was supposed to be a free pizza one as well, i heard. Shouldn’t this money be put to better use like campaigns for students, things that actually benefit our academic and university experience?

I would understand a one time free item for voting as a thank you. But continuously giving out free stuff to people who have already voted is a waste when certain campaigns or events can’t happen because of budget cuts. 


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Emily Dawes submitted on

Monday 30th July 2018



Thank you for waiting so patiently for this response. Flora did not get a chance to answer this while she was still in the office, so you'll have to bare with me! As far as I am aware, a seperate budget is allocated for the running of elections (which inlcudes everything from freebies to printing) in order to promote democracy and involvement! We also appreciate the time and effort that our students put into elections. This budget is completely seperate from the clubs/socs/events budgets, so the more we spend on elections does not take away from other student areas.

Having said this, we are looking into our finances and budegts following the more recent cuts and it is important to know which areas of spending our students value! If you need any more info/clarity please do let me know.

Emily, Union President