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Make university cafeteria accessible to students who bought food from other university catering-affiliated stores/student union shop

Recently, Piazza has begun strictly enforcing a policy that only those who bought their food from Pizza are allowed to stay in Piazza.

Can the university not loosen this policy when the cafeteria is not crowded?

Is it not possible to allow students whose meals are home-made or purchased from university stores or the catered halls to use university cafeteria facilities outside busy hours?

Submitted on Sunday 4th March 2018


Hi Jofferson,


I am already chasing the University on this following previous You Make Changes, and will update the first You Make Change about it here 


Flora, Union President 

Thursday 17th May 2018 3:55pm


  • Forwarded to Union President
    Friday 9th Mar 2018 12:00pm


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