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Lift the laptop ban in the Bridge

The laptop ban is pointless, unpopular, and discriminatory. The fact that students are not allowed to complete university work in our own union space is ridiculous.

I have heard several different reasons for the ban, including encouraging people to buy food - but you can buy food and use a laptop, or not buy and not use a laptop. That reason is also discriminatory against poorer students who may want to be in the Bridge without paying its relatively high prices, as well as discriminating against SpLD students, who are more likely to rely on using a laptop for work.

Submitted on Friday 9th March 2018


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the votes, here is a link to a blog post written by Sam Dedman (VP Education) regarding the new policy for the Bridge:

I hope this is helpful!



VP Student Communities


Tuesday 22nd May 2018 9:48am

Hi Ben, 

Apologies, looks like we accidentally maked this YMC as completed when replying to the original message! 

Should be sorted now, and upvoting/downvoting should be back online. 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education) 

Friday 9th Mar 2018 3:16pm

Hi Ben, 

Thanks for your YMC. Please can you publicise this to students so that it can get up voted/down voted, so that we can show that students are interested in this issue!]

I look forward to reviewing this in a few week's time!



VP Student Communities 


Friday 9th Mar 2018 2:06pm


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    Friday 9th Mar 2018 1:22pm


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