Strikes, pay re-allocation

Anonymous submitted on

Sunday 11th March 2018


One of the FAQs from the Universities press release ( said that pay withheld from striking staff would be re-allocated to student bursaries. Are the bursaries referred to for individual students or more general bursaries?

How will the Student's Union ensure that everyone affected by the strikes benefits equally from the re-allocated money?


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Wednesday 16th May 2018


Hello again!

The end of April has clearly passed, and the situation has changed quite a bit from when we last spoke. I'm going to borrow a lot of what I'm about to say from another You Make Change about the UCU industrial action as it is still relevant here:

The complicating factor in all of this is that a class action lawsuit has been started, bringing many of these conversations to a halt. More details about these can be found here ( and here ( 

This could be quite a drawn-out legal process, but equally I'd still be keen to find out an answer about student bursaries specifically. I'm going to mark this You Make Change as closed for now, but with the intention of re-opening it as soon as we have more information. I'm also aware that the legal firm(s) organising the class action lawsuit have an information session taking place soon, so if you want to find out more I'd attend those if I were you.

Apologies for the lack of more information, but hopefully we'll be back in the future with something more definite.

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education 2017/18 -