societies on susu website

Corin Holloway submitted on

Sunday 11th March 2018


why does the link "opportunities" => "societies" go here which has many societies missing acro yoga, aerial sports, aikido, airsoft, american football, angling, archery society, athletics & cross country society
are just the ones beginning with A

instead of here 
which (it seems) has all the societies and automatically sorts them by zone


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Evie Reilly submitted on

Thursday 17th May 2018


Hi Corin, 

Thanks for your feedback on this. Currently societies and clubs are seperated (all clubs being under the sports remit). The zone fitlering functionality is only in place for sports at the moment but I'll be sure to look into it being consistent across societies. 

We are looking at how clubs and societies are presented on the website, so any other feedback just let me know!

Many thanks, 

Evie Reilly (VP Democracy and Creative Industries)