Grad Ball Tickets

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 22nd March 2018


Hi, I think I stand for many final year students who are wondering why the tickets for Grad Ball are £45. There has been no sit-down meal advertised (as a lot of other unis have) and the event is at the university, so surely no rent for the space has to be paid - or if there is then I'd assume it isn't as much as a venue elsewhere would cost - and the decorations will presumably be used from last year, so no money wasted there? £45 would seem appropriate if the event offered more but it seems extremely overpriced for what it is. I was therefore looking for a reason as to why the tickets are £45 - whether that be a breakdown of the cost or something else - or a reduction in the ticket price. Obviously, we are students and known for being low on money so this doesn't seem to add up. Thanks a lot. x


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Emily Dawes submitted on

Thursday 17th May 2018


Hi! Thanks for your message. 

This year the Grad Ball Student Committee decided to focus on creating an all-round experience, which includes Mistajam, Charlie Sloth, Retrojam, Itchy Feet, DJAJAY, DropDivison, Jukebox, a Moon Booth, Silent Disco Under The Stars, Outdoor Cinema, Champagne Fountain, The Hungry Horse Box, Burrito Papa, an Airstream Photobooth, Free Cloakroom, 1920’s Cocktails and a Garden Bar alongside a theme that will completely transform the venue in a very different way to last year!  Also, running it within the Union also allows us to offer student friendly drinks prices and packages, making the whole experience better value for money in terms of variety, drinks and entertainment.


?Unfortuantely Southampton isn't a city that has any venue big enough to offer food to the nearly 2000 attendees we expect for Grad Ball, so we have to work with the venues we have!


?I hope this adds a bit more clarity, please email me at if you have any more questions!


?Flora, Union President