Why aren't You Make Changes being answered much?

Anonymous submitted on

Friday 30th March 2018


Most of the ones that get answered are by Sam Dedman. Kudos to him, but this leaves huge sections of the union unrepresented - can we expect a resume to normal procedures soon? Before elections you were all so good, can we keep it up?


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Fiona Sunderland submitted on

Friday 13th September 2019


Hi there,

Sorry this hadn't been answered, looks like it was overlooked in the two hand overs since it was posted. The sabbs meet every single Friday together with our Director of Advice and Representation to discuss and asign the YMC's, most all fall under the same remit so have just one person to sort them all so sometimes can take a while to sort through. Often they are also long-term or require lobbying the Univeristy to do something as we can't neccesarily do it ourselves. We endevour to respond whenever we can but if you ever feel like your problem isn't being dealt with you are welcome to email democracy@susu.org or contact VP Education and Democracy (vpeddem@soton.c.uk) to ask for an update.


Fiona Sunderland, VP Activities