Can we confirm degree accreditation (E.g. for CEng and IEng) will not be affected by the strikes?

Anonymous submitted on

Thursday 12th April 2018


Specifically in ECS where the strikes have hit relatively hard, I'm concerned that the MEng degrees may not keep their CEng accreditation due to the strike action.


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Samuel Dedman submitted on

Friday 27th April 2018


Hello again! 

I'm back with an update from the University:

"Accreditation is usually gained for a specific time period, ie, 1-4 years, after which there has to be a further scrutiny of the programme to retain the accreditation/recognition/approval.  Accreditation is usually aligned to the Programme Learning Outcomes, therefore if the students achieve the learning outcomes of the programme and gain the correct amount of credit to be awarded, then there should be no impact of the strike action in terms of gaining an accredited degree." 

Hopefully that provides some reassurance. I'm going to close this You Make Change submission for now but am happy to re-open it if any more details come to light. 

All the best,

Samuel Dedman (VP Education,